A fun card game for Cheaters

A fun card game for Cheaters

Cheat Cheat Cheat…till you Win!

Mogel Motte is a fun card game you are sure to fall in love with. So much so that it becomes an addiction and you start finding occasions to get your friends, families, or just anyone on the table to flaunt your cheating skills. Seems like we all love cheating a little bit and the games let’t you do just that.

The game is simple. There is a referee bug who makes sure no one cheats. And all others cheat by getting rid of their cards, any way they can, without being spotted by the referee bug. If you are caught, you are the new referee bug and the game goes on.

There are 4 special cards apart from the regal 1-5 cards. The game goes on with players throwing the next high or next low number card (1 or 3 for a 2, 2 of 5 for a 1 etc). The 4 bug cards add fun to the game and lets to get rid of your cards faster.

Enjoy the game and comment if you like it.

Here is a video to learn it faster.


Happy Cheating!

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