Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill


Who is Anna Hazare and what is the Jan Lokpal bill that is leading to campaigns across the country and a huge media attention? Anna Hazare is a well known social activist in India who had also been quiet active during the passing of the Right to Information Act. He comes from Maharastra and is best known for having built and run a ‘model village’ in his home state.

The Jan Lokpal Bill, also known as the Citizens ombudsman Bill is an effort to put in place a separate special body (parallel to our Judicial system) to try the corruption cases in the country. The original Bill has been drafted by various well-known civil activists and has provisions for harsh consesquenses and speedy trials.

Anna Hazare went on a fast until death until the Bill is passed in its original form and not in the modified form of the Government of India.

His movement is gaining support across the country.


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