Are we still be proud to be Punjabis?



We, Punjabis, are well known around the world for being welcoming and fun loving. And I haven’t met a single Punjabi who is not Proud to come from where he belongs! And why should’t we? I am a proud Punjabi!

But a news flashing on major national news websites today has forced me to question myself. Do we really deserve to be proud of ourselves?

A foreign student, studying in Ludhiana was brutally attacked and left on the streets to die. He has now been in coma for 3 months and fighting a battle for survival. The attackers are still at large with no concrete efforts from the state government.

Where every household has a mama, a chaha, a bua or someone in America, Canada, UK, Australia and where not, is this something we can afford to be tolerant about.

Stand up again Foreigners being abused. . . !!

Below is the letter with an appeal to the CM to pay for the repatriation and medical costs of the attacked african student.

Letter to Punjab Chief Minister

I request our Chosen electives to bring the culprits to justice and do the needful for the injured. Else, we have no right to complain when our people are treated the same in other countries.

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