Athletes- the troubled lot


There is always a great buzz about team spirit and a huge fuss is made about a positive competitive spirit between the players. It seems as if the entire world tries to get together the arch rivals into a one big happy family. But seldom do we realise that this very closeness that brings athletes and sportsmen near could cost them dear as this closeness could lead to the advent of contagious skin diseases.

Bacterial infections come knocking at the doors of the wrestlers due to high skin to skin contact. Such infections lead to crust formations and finally lead to painful blisters. Football players are the potential risks for MRSA, which is a kind of staph. The worst part of this infection is that it is resistant to most of the antibiotics that are available in the market today. These bacteria could rest in the toenails or even noses of the players.

Viral infections can be easily spread and are the most difficult to contain. The contagious virus- herpes causes sores round the nose, buttocks, and genitals and might also lead to blister formations. These blisters have a horrifying red appearance. Only a stitch in time can save nine. Thus early detection and medication could be your saviour


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