Beating cancer, the natural way


Cancer is a name almost all households have become familiar with. We all know of at least one person who fell as a victim to its ruthless claws. What is still worse is the fact that most of the victims have either given up on life or life has given up on them. In such a sensitive situation, none of the medical investigations have had a breakthrough regarding the definite cause that triggers cancerous growth of any kind. It is

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working on the theory of probability to cater to this menace. But then, if our treatment floats on the thin ice of probability, the chances of our recovery could get no better as well.

In such a scenario, we cannot stand as mute spectators and let those diabolic cancerous tumours steal away our life. We have entered an age, where the medical fraternity has waged a war against cancer, but by far, it is a lost battle. There is no magical pill which assures that cancer is out of your body. Most of the treatments that are given today make use of radiation and chemotherapy. Such methods are aimed at removal of and cutting, burning away of all cancer infested cells. But this approach does not cure cancer, but eliminates it. The elimination of cancer is possible only when we make an attempt to understand the underlying causes that support the growth of tumour.

Research has indicated that according to documented incidences, tumour formation was speculated to be accelerated due to reasons like suppression of the immune system, mental depression, malnutrition, and elevated blood glucose. The most effective way to beat these causes is to do it the natural way. The therapeutic use of nutrients could hold the answer to most of our troubles. Consider the fact that approximately 40 per cent of the cancer victims die, not of cancer but from malnutrition. Yes, this is absolutely true, as most of the patients cut down on their food intake after their illness begins. Associated weight loss not only increases the mortality rate for most of the cancers, but also lowers the positive response to chemotherapy.

Also, intake of optimum nutrients increases the chances of effectiveness of the medical therapy. It has also been observed that intake of sugar feeds the cancer cells and also suppresses the immune system of the patient thus, making it a win-win situation for the cancer. So cancer patients must blunt the rise in their blood glucose levels by consuming foods with low glycemic index. Also, cancer patients must no eat white sugar and should avoid sweet foods in general.

The role of nutrition in the therapy of cancer has for long been undermined. But it is high time now, that we take to the natural way to fight cancer.

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