Bermuda triangle- the eternal mystery


If you have not heard about the Bermuda triangle, you are probably not an inhabitant of planet Earth. The Bermuda triangle, more famously known as the Devil’s triangle has been intriguing scientists and researchers for a long time now. For the uninitiated, Bermuda triangle

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is a region in the North Atlantic Ocean where numerous aircrafts and surface vessels have disappeared as if into thin air with no explicitly decipherable reason. Since no fool proof scientific reason has come to the shore till date, many people believe that the disappearance of anything in this belt of water is a paranormal activity or the handiwork of extraterrestrial beings. Although many of the officials claim that the nature of disappearances is similar to citations in other parts of the oceans’ all over the world, few believe this notion.

The origin all these allegations can be traced back to as far as 1950. Several years down

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the line, the loss of Flight 19 was reported, which triggered the much feared area of speculation alive. With this began the never ending claims of eyewitnesses (which according to the authorities are incoherent to the actual happenings). Many eyewitnesses went as far as claiming that the missing aircrafts had flown to mars. There is no dearth of supernatural explanations for the mysterious disappearance as well. But the authorities have at all stages rubbished all claims of anything peculiar about this part of the ocean.

The debate has now become more than sixty years of age, with no side willing to claim into the claims of the other. In this scenario, doesn’t ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ seem to the perfect travel destination? What could be better that deciding for your own self? So go ahead! (In case you are of the opinion that life is work risking!) Wish you a safe journey!

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