Faith healing- a miracle or a hoax


Faith healing, as the word itself is descriptive enough, is mode of healing which claims to put an end to the ailments of sufferers by means of a prayers or rituals. Faith is a mysterious word. Those who adhere to it, redefine their beliefs above all forms of reason but for those who put their stakes at the most popular views of rationality, science and logic hold no regards at all for his concept. The origin of this term can be traced back to the Bible, especially the New Testament; as many people interpret it to be preaching faith healing. In fact, most of the religions around the world are full of examples which claim of incidences of lame arriving at the door of the spiritually blessed and leaving as whole. While the believers reason that there were no prosthetic limbs at that time, the ‘rationalists’ point that there weren’t any witnesses either, widening the ever increasing gap of opinions.

The term faith healing comes from the Christian belief that god heals people through the power of the Holy Spirit. A miracle is perhaps a word which is as obvious to them as taking an afternoon nap. Faith is a means of surrendering yourself completely to the God who heals, the very same God who bestowed the dreaded suffering into your (mis)fortune. Had faith held the key to fitness, hospitals and medical sciences would have since long become obsolete. Who would go to a doctor and pay thousands for a treatment equivalent to sitting down for prayer and coming out of the prayer session as fit as a fiddle? But then, we all have read about incidences of the revival of the dead, or elimination of cancer from the very roots of its occurrence. Were they all a mere farce?

Well, the extensive researches indicate that it is not the prayer that brings about the healing but the belief of the patient that it will end his tail of woes. It is his confidence in Him and not His magic, which perhaps brings people out from lifelong diseases. How else would you explain the findings of research which make the following claims. The people who are prayed for, are less likely to require antibiotics.

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Chances that they develop pulmonary edema-a condition, that is, a condition of the lungs getting filled with blood, are rarer than the people who do not practise faith healing.

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are the results. True, that the ones who search for logic in the realm of belief and faith, would often find one that negates it, but will rarely find a reason to explain the unexplained.

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