Fingernail fungal infections- causes and symptoms


Yes, you have read it right. Your skin is not the only thriving ground for those malicious fungi. They can choose your nails as their habitat as well. The medical term for the fingernail fungal infection is onychomycosis. This term is a broad one. It encompasses infections of the fingernail that can be caused by any microorganism. But the most general of all are fungal manifestations.

The primary causes behind these infections could be openings to the external environment via cuts or wounds, poor hygiene of nails, frequent and prolonged damping of the nails and using unwashed socks for long time periods.

If you have been wondering why your toe has suddenly started turning into shades of yellow and purple, well, it could be a fungal attack. What is worse is the fact that the discolouration is accompanied by persistent pain and also equally probable is the formation of pus. Nails might turn brittle and hard, both at the same time. The above listed symptoms make it obvious that the afflicted person walks with great difficulty and the grip becomes weak. Diabetics, people with poor circulation and sportspersons are at higher risks of contracting this infection


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