Fungal Foot Infection In Athletes


Athletes have a very sweaty job. During their practices they’ve to run for long hours in the blistering heat, under the burning sun. Athletes are prone to sweat a lot especially at feet because of the shoes they wear; their exposure to fresh air isn’t possible during their training hours.  Due to the warmth and moisture, fungi are likely to grow in the feet. A foot is a perfect environment for microorganisms to live in. Fungi love to develop in the sweaty, warm human skin. Red itchy rash is one of the most common symptoms of an infection. A swollen foot is another very common symptom of a fungal infection. Sometimes antibiotics and wound care is all that is needed for the treatment of the visible disease. If ignored in the early stage, a more serious or advances infections are made to go through surgical procedures and treatment may be necessary. The best way to treat a fungal infection is by far to prevent from happening. Feet must be taken care of. If it is very moist after a heated training session, it must be washed properly with soap and then dried. If there is an open wound, it must be thoroughly treated to avoid the fungi to damage it further. A foot fungal infection can become difficult to cure if it crosses a certain limit.


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