Germany after the Second World War


Nazi Party was a political party that came into power after the German fall in the first world war and the great depression that followed. It was like just another political party we have in India the only difference being it was run by this great visionary and leader called Hitler.

He was such a great speaker and motivator that he become all in all in the country. He dissolved the Presidents power are combined them the with Chancellors after creating a chaos in the country by allegedly setting the German Parliament on fire. The nazi party maintained its own special army called SS which Hitler used for all his goondagardi.
When his ambitions grew, he wanted to take over other countries. He easily got France, Poland and some other east European countries. He held a great army and the germans (as we know them still) were a determined and solid army. They had a huge army and air force.
In the meanwhile. Americans were attacked by the Japanese (Pearl Harbor) an decided to enter the Second world war. Now, the rest of the world, led by Americans, English (UK), Russians, Canadians decided to combine their powers and attack the German empire. The war was fought primarily from the UK and germans gave a tough fight to loose the war and Hitler shot himself. Germany was divided between the allies (English, Americans etc) and the Soviet (Russians) to prevent them from rising again . The two regimes, were opposite in their political approaches (Communism and Capitalism) and that led to the divide between the West and East German Empires. The economic divide grew and finally resulted in building the Berlin wall and the cold war that followed.
Current Political Situation: The Germans credit the Americans for helping rebuilding the country after the destruction during the war. US and Germany now share healthy political relations. The US still maintains army bases in Germany. The German political system now is a democracy (elections every 4 years) with the Chancellor being the power head of the Government. Chancellor is the nominated head of the state. The German economy is vibrant, performing well and currently the pillar of the European Union.
The propaganda against the Jews is not visible in the country anymore. It is illegal by the constitution and the Government works against it. After the end of the Second World War, the german government become one of the most tolerant and secular governments in west europe. However, a lighter form of Nazism (Neo Nazis) still exists in the country. The Neo Nazis are a minority in the country but still present and advocate and work for the revival of Nazism in the country. The government does allow peaceful protest by the Neo Nazis.

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