How serious is your cold?



A lot of people tend to take their common cold problems lightly. This attitude only makes them more vulnerable to problems as if not taken care of cold tends to come back every time someone around you is seen with symptoms of cold. Flu is different from common cold even though both are viral infections. Flu is commonly characterised by headache and cold along with other symptoms of cold. Some people also find a loss of appetite and feel nausea. The best way to stay away from a cold is to keep away from people who are infected with the virus and in case you cannot avoid the contact, you should at least try to keep from touching your nose and eyes after you get into contact with someone who apparently has been infected by the virus. What happens during your cold is that the nose and the throat in order to release secretions that are an indication of a problem in the body and hence a call for the defence mechanism to get into action. The nose and throat are the battle field of the battle between the invading virus and the home cells and hence all the problems with your nose and throat.



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