How to enjoy an Opera



If you are new to Opera’s and this it the first time you are planning to go to an Opera, there are fair chances you might come out wanting never to go back again.

My first Opera, La finta giardiniera by Mozart, almost succeeded in assuring I was never going to put my foot in an Opera concert again. My second opera, Il Trovatore by Verdi, however, completely changed how I enjoy the Opera. So, what did I do different the second time? What is the key to enjoy the opera?

If you are going to an Opera, especially in a language you don’t understand, it is important to read the synopsis beforehand. This will not only allow you to understand the flow of the Opera but also let you  feel and appreciate the emotions the singers add into the show.


Second, when going to an Opera we often set expectations for a visual show but forget about the music and singing. An Opera is actually a combination of both and to make the most of the Opera, you need to be learn to appreciate both the performance and the music.


I hope this simple, but essential must do’s will change your Opera experience and bring you closer to taste and enjoy a rich cultural experience.


Best of Luck.

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