How to get a free upgrade to Business Class?


Business Class


Hey All

If you found this article, there are fair chances you have already gotten an upgrade and want another one. Right? Well, airlines are smart so they manually decide who they upgrade depending on availability and the potential on you flying their business class again. Factors for the decision could be anything that can show you as a potential frequent business flyer (duration, multi city etc.)

So keep fingers crossed for every time you ask for that boarding pass.


And yeah, since you are here, why don’t we just tell you what to do when you get an upgrade. Some suggestions:

– You travel in style
– ring the air hostess time and again and bother her by asking questions till she goes mad
– get drunk, ask for useless thing, enjoy
– Just enjoy d luxury.. I did tht…
– you share it on fb
– enjoy champagne and ask for refill as if it was coffee
– You just fly
– say thank you
– Relax! ;))
– You take it and then rub it in to others
– You volunteer to sit in economy class and ask for 6 subsequent free flights
– Go to the Bar



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