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A lot of people travelling abroad spend a lot of time and efforts in getting their International Driving Permits made. I tried spending some time over the Internet to find out the exact use and acceptability of the International Driving Permit over the Internet but could not find proper information from accurate sources. There are however some quick bits of information I was able to gather:




You will have to apply for the IDP from the RTO responsible for your domicile.

  1. If the address on your passport is not the same as on your driving licence, this would not be much of a problem. The solution is to apply for an authentication letter from the licence issuing authority and the RTO of your domicile will issue you your IDP.
  2. You can only apply AFTER you have your ticket and visa issued.
  3. Other requirements apart from the above two are 4 passport photos, IDP application form, Medical certification, copy of the IDP to be issued, original licence, copy of passport and copy of residence and age proof.
  4. Please understand that the IDP is not a driving licence. It is a permit (read as just a translation) of your original licence. Both need to be presented together when travelling in a foreign country.
  5. An IDP is valid only for duration of 1 year.
  6. In some countries having an Indian licence and an IDP might save you from taking the compulsory practical training lessons. Though these lessons are expensive, they are still advisable considering the fact that driving in other parts of the world is nowhere close to who a driver with an Indian driving licence drives.
  7. The fee for getting an IDP in Chandigarh and Punjab is Rs. 500.

For people travelling to the US, Canada and Europe travelling with an IDP is advisable considering the huge penalties you might have to pay if caught on the wrong side of the law.

Happy driving and we invite and appreciate discussions, information, criticism and appreciation.


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