Mongolia, the perfect travel destination


It is genuine to feel stuck in the daily routine that we have become accustomed to. Be it going to the office every day or just following any other activity as a matter of routine can get on to your nerves. So it becomes necessary to give your routine a break and refresh yourself because once in a while, you deserve to pamper yourselves and indulge in a well earned vacation. And once you decide on availing a break, the next question that arises is the destination. You definitely don’t want to end up going to a place which every other colleague of yours has already visited. And you want to set a benchmark and tread to a place that has not yet been talked of much and is a place which gives you value for your money and a refreshed mind too. In such a case, Mongolia is the place you have been looking for. Untouched by the pace of the ever advancing world, its rustic appeal is all that your tired mind probably needs.

In case Mongolia is a strange name to you and you are stuck up wondering whether it’s the name of a place situated on Mars or Venus, you are mistaken. Mongolia lies in the Chinese province and is not very thickly populated. The climate in this part of the world varies widely during different parts of the year. In fact the weather can swing to many extremes. The winters can be harsh and long while the summers are generally short and warm. Moreover, the difference in the day and night temperatures can be very huge so it is generally advisable for the tourists to carry layered clothes.

When it comes to scenic beauty, Mongolia seems to be no less than God’s own paradise. The mountain peaks clad in snow amidst the dramatic gorges present a breathtaking view to the tourist who is left gaping widely at the intricately carved fragments of its beauty. Moreover, for those visitors who look for art even in the bed sheet that covers their beds, a trip to Mongolia can be an enchanting experience. It is a land of monasteries and Buddhist temples. For such tourists, the Dazhao temple, Zhaojun Tomb and the Wanbu Huayanjing Pagoda are the ultimate destinations.

For the people who prefer to drench themselves in the colours of nature, Mongolia has a lot to share. The grasslands are a site of breathtaking beauty and present the rare combination of fresh air, bright sunlit sky, clouds spread like the tufts of thick white cotton and the grass bent in the direction of the wind. The countryside also provides for the interaction of the tourists with the nomads who are an extremely hospitable lot. Moreover, we can have much to learn from these animal rearing bunch of residents as though they belong to a different era altogether. If that is not enough, pay a visit to the deserts in inner Mongolia and you will be taken aback by the beauty god could have ever given shape to.


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