Rajiv Dixit’s Expose of Manmohan Singh as America’s Agent 1


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Dixit’s Expose of Manmohan Singh as America’s Agent 1


In this lecture, Rajiv Dixit exposes the double-faced character of Manmohan Singh and the way he conspired with World Bank pushers to exploit India.


And the discussion that follows:

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  1. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli
    now it is too much yaar…stop following people with such stupid things…he is also entering politics..this is every single person done to show others bad made himself hero…if he is showing these things then he is not showing how India made progress in different parts..for e.g. you are working in a private company who is giving you handsome package to survive..these people were against Manmohan Singh at that time for private companies from abroad…I am not about just one minister..there are many ministers who brought changes in country and that time these people like Rajiv Dixit were against them…So stop following such people and use your own mind. If such people can make reports like this by there survey then why don’t we ourself find out truth. They are just playing game with mind of people and they used best time to wash mind of everyone by participating with Anna and using his theme of anti corruption.
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  2. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh
    Classic example of the kind of People India needs to “Stand up and Fight”. I see a traitor in this man and his every word.

    An argument only for those who got their minds rotten with his selfish motives and clever twisting of facts and situations:

    1. To start with he doesn’t believe in the Developed countries being developed. Me neither, except for India’s per capita income of $3,400 (PPP) Vs America’s $47,400 (PPP). (Source: https://www.cia.gov/)

    2. $500 Billion came to 120 developing countries and $725 went back to the developed countries. I would never once mention that India alone Imported 122,678 Cr and Exported 106,353 Cr (deficit 16,325 Cr) in trade in the year 1995-96 (Source: http://www.delhibusinessreview.org/v_1n2/dbrv1n2f.pdf). I do buy food to feed my hungry and poor country men, but don’t expect bills. I just expect aid, FDI and loans.

    3. I would not comment on the academic excellence and callable of Honorable Dr Manmohan Singh.

    4. La Monde ran an article saying Dr Manmohan Singh will become the next Finance Minister before the elections. World Bank decided that. I say on 26.05.2011, Rahul Gandhi will become the next Prime Minister of India, Amarinder Singh the next CM of Punjab and Mahendar Singh Dhoni the next Captain of the Indian cricket team. If it does happen, Osama Bin Laden decided that.

    5. If at all World Bank had a role to play, at least they saved us from having another Mayawati, Lallu Prasad Yadav or Rabri Devi becoming the Finance Minister of the country.

    6. Intellectual Prostitute: I do wonder how a 12th grader from the village schooling system (Source: Ha Ha…kidding, even Wikipedia is enough) coined that fancy term. Must have been helped by the friend who read La Monde in France.

    7. Let’s talk financial markets. In 1996, the Sensex was trading at 3000 points which as of today is trading at 17847.24. (Source: http://www.scmrd.org/Sensex%20Chart.pdf) If our dear Mr Dixits pan wala still has his Rs 200 wala ACC, he can sell it for Rs 1189. Any educated and sensible man can make out from his speech home much this man knows what he is talking about. God..!!

    8. Liberalizations led to India’s GDP growing from $320.86 (1994) to $730.32 (2007) Vs World growing from $26096.61 (1994) to $39109.85 (2007). In simple terms, we grew 128% while the world grew 50% in GDP, PPP terms. (Source: http://gsociology.icaap.org/data/ersallcombine.xls)
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  3. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh This would give food for thought and a message. I hope the message goes through.
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  4. amar says:

    Arun Singh sahi hai manu bhai….. bilkul sahi word hai iske liye” Intellectual Prostitute”……..!!
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  5. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli good one amar..i was expecting such response from your side with all the facts and sources…. Manu is it enough or you still want to go with these stupid people…
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  6. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli and one thing more..by supporting these types of people we just making other Lalu, Mayawati…now you want to make it or not depends upon you…
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  7. amar says:

    Sagar Kochar
    I don’t know how true all this is but I just know that Since the last 20 years India has become a hell expensive place to live in and only the rich can now survive in this country. Have you noticed the price of everything how its shooting up day by day, note down the price of a packet of milk today and check in three months i bet you that it would have increased 1-2 rs, and not just milk every other thing, be it food items or even property. I remember when i was young and when my dad, my uncle and all their colleagues were working they could still think of buying their own house even with the meager pays they got, but now days for a working individual its just becoming impossible to even think of such things. And even if somehow we do get capable of owning a even a flat, there is a vast quality difference of what you get today and what you could afford before, today its just crap ! And don’t give the argument that the money value has gone down that’s why things seem expensive, well 20 years back the price of Maruti 800 was the same as its today (until the recently at least as i think they have stopped its production), but all the essential things that really matter like food, shelter and clothes have got expensive how come, i mean wasn’t technology supposed to help us in producing more and better at a lower price ! I think that all the money in the world is just flowing towards the rich cause I guess the more money you have it acts like a magnet and attracts all the money from your surroundings ! This is not how the world was supposed to be ! many more would suffer in the future because of whats going on !

  8. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli
    this is true sagar the price of everything has shoot up..but can you see one thing…what was the salary in the companies or what amount was labor earning…for normal person working in any factory they were usually paid 2500-3500 max. and now they are paid min. 8000. the labor in market was Rs70/day and now it is Rs 250-350/day. Its true that latest technologies are used for productions at less cost and high quantity but it depends upon certain points. like if there is not much competitors, not put high taxes, etc. More over the time of 20years back the necessity of normal was not same like today. If the price of resources go up so you will get the things and high price which every common person knows it. Well the topic on which we are talking is against ideology against such people who are making people fool with there false reports. Moreover no body is perfect who can give 100% positive results. Here this person is washing mind of people by some stupid facts and Amar did a good job by giving more sources which can clear up some false image of this guy.

  9. amar says:

    Arun Singh yes in Delhi the wages for a labour work is still 4200/-. and what about Daily scams. being a PM it is not his duty to stop all that. If he does not have smartness to tackle all this why he is prime minister go and join any good financial institution (RBI) n show ur talent there.

  10. amar says:

    • Manu Rawat
    ‎@ Maninder: When I woke up n saw urs and Amar’s comments I felt happy. I was glad u replied. Somewhere I was even expectin it and also wanted it. Not because I get a chance to prove u wrong or vice versa but because I wanted healthy discussion on it because it leads to clear thinking. But now I am hurt. It looks like u have taken it personal n want to prove sum point. We r nt here to win this discussion or to prove anyone right or wrong but to actualy figure out what is best. I expect mature behaviour from u.

  11. amar says:

    Manu Rawat
    ‎@ Maninder again – Before jumpin up n down, listen that video again. 1. He is not making his own survey but referin stats of acknowledged world organisatio – UNCTAD. He mite have exagerrated things but he is not talkin in air.
    2. Anna was not the leader of that movement. Go n check the India Against Corruption site. In founders u will find the first n top pic of Baba Ramdev. This movement was started by Ramdev 5 years back. He is crying about corruption everyday at 5.am wen u are sleepin in ur warm bed….. ever made effort to listen him? Repeat is also done at 8 pm. Ramdev was one who introduced Anna on BIG stage, otherwise he was confined to Maharashtra only. Ramdev brought him ahead …. uska adar kiya…and even gave him 1 lakh rs. My mother witnessed it in HaridwaR. You will find it surprising that when Anna first declared abt the movement he did it taking blessings from Ramdev. He touched his feets. I knew abt Anna’s movement a month ago(doubt u knew abt it even after couple of days) when I witnessed Ramdev’s Rally. FYI – Rajiv Dixit was one of the founder of platform – BHarat Swabhimaan upon which Anna rose. Anna was not the leader of that movement and Ramdev(not taking Rajiv’s dixit name here… keep reading) doent need to follow him. I was at Jantar Mantar… there were hardy 10-15 k ppl…. Ramdev ne 1 lakh Bed lagwaye hai Ramleela Maidan main….un logon ke liye jo wahan har dam rahenge….. 5 lakh log roz ayenge wahan.
    3. Rajiv Dixit is dead. In suspicious circumsatances n for the sake of democracy our so called free media went quiet on it.

  12. amar says:

    Manu Rawat ‎@ Maninder – And yes, let me know if u need links to any of above info. I am just in hurry. Have to go sumwhere.

  13. amar says:

    Sagar Kochar
    ‎@ Maninder, so you see you just put out the facts yourself, 20 years back normal factory people were paid 2500-3000, and now 8000 or lets say 15000 at an avg ok……….that means its increased by around 5-6 times, whereas a house 20 years back which was roughly around one kanal in a decent city was around 25-35 lakhs, would cost you around 9-12 crore now, which means the same house after 20 years has gone up 35-40 times of its original price (and similar story for vegies), whereas non essential things like maggi and maruti 800’s 20 years later hardly change from their original prices ! and please don’t give this crap of price of resources, you think that the prices of resources to build cars and noodles haven’t gone up and even our consumption of these things have gone up, but not the price of these non essential things. You don’t understand one thing as long as something in this world is of lesser importance to the rich people of the world they will not meddle around with the pricing and as soon as they find something to be valuable they will do their best so that it becomes out of reach of normal people and make it an exclusive thing which only the rich would be able to afford…………..This bullshit is what you call democracy (you should not be rich to afford a house, clothes and eat decent food……..it should be your right as a human being cause though we might be animals but we are social animals and that’s why god has given us conscience, so that we use it to organize our society and not make break it into two parts the rich and the poor) !!!

  14. amar says:

    Manu Rawat
    ‎@ Amar – As I said I wanted u to comment 🙂 u reason well n come prepared… lol and u discuss, dont fite 🙂

    I felt it bit harsh to call hin a traiter. He could be wrong in his ideology but definitely nt a traitor. Traitor is sum1 who harm deliberatly like our politicians 🙂

    1. Not sure in what context he said that but I guess it was not in monetary terms. Or maybe he meant they developed by exploiting others or whatever. lets leave it to take more serious points

    2. He has not made those stats on his own, He is reffering to other world known organizations. It is not a hidden truth that every year billions are channeled to Developed countries because our local industry is not competent enough. The question is we couldn’t build it in 60 years or we dint want to !!!! No doubt globalisation is necessary…. but it is alo true that no nation has ever rose without pumping local industry- take it American Rise, Russion revolution or China’s and Indonesia’s growth.

    3. Questionable is not his academic excellence or caliber but his moral conduct. Would u like to get operated by AIIMS Top surgeon notorious for selling kidneys? 🙂

    First – (This will bring smile to ur face… lol)When as a governor he condemns introducing Rs 1000 denomination, what changed after becoming his PM that he has not uttered a word on this issue. Maybe he is doing ‘COALITION DHARM'(Keep reading). And alarming thing is that the 1000 Rs note has increased from 3% to 30 % in past decade whereas 80% population still spends only 20-30 Rs a day !!
    Second – Endless scams in his regime.
    Third – His shameless irresponsible reply on 2G scam and his newly found ‘COALITION DHARM’ – “I think in a coalition government there is a COALITION DHARM, and obliviously the things are not entirely the way I would like them to be, but quite frankly I have never felt like resigning because I have a job to do.” God knows what is ‘COALITION DHARM’!!!!
    Fourth – Rajiv explains in video itself
    Many more 🙂

    What we have achieved in past is not ONLY(no doubt govt has contributed) because of our govt or anything but it was bound to happen somewhere. It’s not just India is booming. All developing nations are growing, even Indonesia is projected to be 5th largest economy by 2030.

    4. Point is not that someone said something and it happened or not. Point is why World Bank is at all interested in it !!! Especially in such a critical field like Finance. It is an internal matter of any country. Suspicion is obvious. Wonder how u would feel if ur neighbor is exceedingly interested in ur finances or TELL u what to cook or not for a dinner.

    5. No wonder Manmohan indeed saved us from Mayawati and her alike. U used ‘at least’ in ur comment, so I am taking liberty(:-)) to comprehend ur comment in a way that Manmohan is just our ‘BEST OPTION’ not the ‘IDEAL’. There is HUGE difference between these terms.

    6. This is very interesting, actually much more than I anticipated. First, I did exactly what u laughed at – Wikepedia. LOLs…. First line says – “Rajiv Dixit was an INDIAN SCIENTIST” LOL…. Well, it is incorrect, he dropped out after 12 grade. However it also notes that Rajiv Dixit had large knowledge base fields like history, economics, politics and law. Whohoo. Too much, atleast for me !!!

    Very interesting term u used – “Village Schooling System”. I wonder what is the relation between education and wisdom. Can education guarantee wisdom !! Two ppl with exactly same education, same college, same class and even same marks will equal wisdom? I believe Education can just provide u opportunity to gain knowledge, to become aware, to reason well and provide SKILL. It can’t guarantee wisdom. It can’t even teach how to implement that knowledge/skill.

    Anyway, I am sure that Chanakya or Vivekanand didn’t go to “Modern Schooling System”. It will sound strange to u but When I type “wisest man on earth” on google, it shows result for a man born in 1011 B.C – King Solomon(U must have heard his stories). By that time, I believe even God wouldn’t have coined term – “Modern Schooling System”. And last but not least – Dhirubhai Ambani 🙂

    7. This video is in context of ‘Harshad Mehta Scam'(which indeed happened) and role of Citibank in it. No doubt, ppl did loose money that time and Rajiv’s pan-wala was also one among them. What’s wrong if he mentioned him! And it didn’t end there, we dint learn anything and it happened again – ‘Stock Market Scam’ -> http://www.hinduonnet.com/fline/fl2004/stories/20030228003603300.htm

    8. Growth – Million ways to measure that. How about – How many ppl were poor in this country 50 yrs back and how much are today.
    The World Bank estimates that 80% of India’s population lives on less than $2 a day
    The Arjun Sengupta Report states that 77% of Indians live on less than 20 a day
    The Tendulkar Committee report says that 37% of people in India live below the poverty line
    A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 645 million poor living under the MPI in India. Source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_in_India

    Or my favourite – 4 yrs back when I started my career…may pay has more than doubled since then. This means my growth is 120%. BUT… I couldnt afford to buy a house in NCR then…. now I dont even think abt it. Pehle bike khareedne ke paise nai the…. ab chalane ke nai hai….. My savings has rose only by 20%….. yes my living standard has rose little bit….. take 10% of that….. so total growth – 30%. lol
    Recent survey showed politicians assets rose by more than 200% in some cases in just 1 term.

    Even Supreme Court asked Govt recently “what Growth are u talkin abt? Are we talkin growth of few families or nation as a whole” What prompted them to make such a statement !!

    The reason I put this video is not that I am promoting anybody… I just liked the video and I felt it was right sumwhere if not completely. And I wanted to tell that maybe – ‘Tonite is a Good Good nite’ but everything is not rite.

  15. amar says:

    Manoj Sharma Sorry Manu, dont have time but surely will contribute here on Weekend :p

  16. amar says:

    • Manoj Sharma
    But cant stop saying something here. @amar and Tulli- I am from a village schooling system so i would like to ask few questions here if I get an answer, and its logical not just i want to say something, then I ‘ll prove all your points you made.

    1.What do you mean by GDP growth and how you connect it with comman man/me/you?

    2.If the sensex is at 18k and it was 3k in 96 how u can call it a growth? where is REFLECTS? Does it reflects with the inflation in everything?

    3.”Dear Mr Dixits pan wala still has his Rs 200 wala ACC, he can sell it for Rs 1189″ who’ll buy that? And by the way by what calculation you calculated it ? just coz it jumps 5.95 times?

    @tulli:- U wrote “such people can make reports like this by there survey then why don’t we ourself find out truth”. Only quote one truth here you found out by ur servey/books/experience ?

    Nothing personal, just wanted to know this.

  17. amar says:

    Jaspreet Kaur hmm…some serious discussion goin on here… super like it…

  18. amar says:

    Angad Pal Singh Saini
    ‎Amardeep Singh Maninder Singh Tuli ….. I listened to it a bit . I have Following view ….

    1. I am no economist and frankly GDP or NDP or per capita or any other thing . But I am a student of political science and a staunch Marxist. So on the issue of pay or money borrowed i really have no comment .

    2. Manmohan Singh is a good man in a bad party . I don’t doubt him but I doubt the people around him . I doubt he has any real authority.

    3.And please dont any one take this personally .. Sitting on laptop forming opinions is easy . Real India is very different buddies . System is very intricate .

    4. Arun JI your views about Delhi scams is right .

  19. amar says:

    Angad Pal Singh Saini One More thing …What is Developmental? Is it Rellaince having profit ???? or Tata taking over Jaguar …

    And yes if your so distressed . The Indian Constitution does not stop from fighting election.
    Stop running after Corporate Jobs Try joinig the Civil Services or the Armed Forces and make a differnce .

    And friends we are hypocrites . 100 million strong yet we need a white to run our affairs..

  20. amar says:

    Angad Pal Singh Saini And one Anna Hazare is not enough .

  21. amar says:

    Angad Pal Singh Saini Please follow Bhagat Singh’s path

  22. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli
    Sagar now you are talking about luxury not necessity. The thing you are talking about is all directly dependable on demand in market. And it is basic rule of economics which is made from ancient times that when demand of any thing is high and supply is less it obviously increases the price man. You are talking about cities where no more space to build up your kanal houses. My house in Yamuna Nagar in 2006 was having value of Rs25 lacs and in 2011 value is Rs 30 lacs, I was trying to buy a 3BHK flat in Chandigarh in 2006 which was having value of Rs40 lacs and in 2011 its price is above 1 crore. So you can see what I mean to say. You are talking about big cities where no space is left and demand is high. Our luxurious life style has also grown up by this time. You are talking 20 years which is too much this price hike has gone in last 5 years. If you are talking about 20 years past then you was not having 1 large Teachers for Rs 700 in good restaurants, or buying shoes of Rs 2500 that too of Nike or Adidas, we were not buying Honda City or CRVs at that time. I mean to say that it is not only fault of politicians as we are included too in this corruption. We are the roots of the corruption and we talking just to shedding up tree of corruption. But after some time it will grow up more. I give you some small example for it. If am driving my car and forgot to put up belt and cops catches me what I will do is try to give him Rs50-100 and go away. I think it is part of corruption. Exam is difficult and I cheated in exam and secure more marks than deserving student. I think this is also corruption. In all the discussion till now I agree to Amardeep Singh, Angad Pal Singh Saini. A good example by Angad of Bhagat Singh as he was also following the way of Gandhi in his childhood but after that when he realised about the mistakes done by him just by following a single person who is also playing politics with it too and he took out his own way by which he spread his message of total indepence which was famous as PURAN SAWARAJ…. I don’t say sacrifice your life but find out the ideas to put the corrupted leaders down and there should be money transparency, Improvement in judicial system to solve the cases, most important start corruption first in ourself before pointing others, etc. These are are just small steps.

  23. amar says:

    Maninder Singh Tuli
    Mr. Arun I think you need to verify it again for wages of labor. Any beggar in India is earning that amount easily for 1 month. You are not getting labor to get your work done these days. Yes i can say 10 out of 100 may be going with that wages but 90% of public is earning about 7-8K/month. Not going so far my maid in house is making about Rs7k/month and her husband making Rs9k/month, her son also making good amount, they got free house from government, ration at less price, benefits of reservation in every sector and many more facilities.

  24. amar says:

    ‎@ Angad Pal Singh Saini – I would like say sumthin on 3 points u have raised:

    1. In refernece to ur comment “Manmohan Singh is a good man in a bad paty”. I have heard it hundred times from numerous ppl. If its true – Then he is a week character – Either leave ur job or do it with all integrity. JUST IMAGINE the impact of his statement, IN TODAY’s SCENARIO when ppl r fed up of corruption, that the system is corrupt n i m resigning. And if its false – As I said while sharing this video – “Intelectual …..” 🙂

    2. Regardin ur comment ” sittin on laptop…. real india is diff…” I agree. I read Arundhati Roy’s article, facing sedition charges, on Middle Class. Excerpts – “The Indian middle and upper classes have seceded to outer space and are far removed from what is happening on the ground. It is the jitterbugging elite which considers itself the whole country… Go to Orissa, go to the people who are under attack, and nobody will think that there is anything remotely controversial about what I write. You know, I keep saying this, the most successful secession movement in India is the secession of the middle and upper classes to outer space. They have their own universe, their own andolan, their own Jessica Lal, their own media, their own controversies, and they’re disconnected from everything else. For them, what I write comes like an outrage. Ki yaar yeh kyaa bol rahi hai? [What the hell is she saying?] They don’t realize that they are the ones who have painted themselves into a corner”

    There is quote I liked n its by a politician(everybody – please don’t take I love/respect/follow/relate him. I just liked this quaote.) “Every five years, it is the masses who determine who will form the government. And in between those five years the classes determine what that government will do.”

    3. Hypocrisy – I was fifteen wen Sonia was AWARDED PM post JUST BECAUSE BEING A WIFE OF RAJIV GANDHI AND DAUGHTER OF NEHRU FAMILY. I dont noe how wise i was at that time, but yes I asked myself – Have all these adults gone crazy?????? I have heard Rajiv, I have heard Indira, I have heard Sanjay, I LOVE CHACHUUUUUUU NEHRU(He brings holiday n a festival in our scool). Who is Sonia???? wat she knows abt india? wat she has done for ppl of india? was she active in politics? was she a social activist? maybe these much questions dint arose at that time but yes I felt kinda same. Later I realized… I m livin in a democratic country….. n NEhry Dynasty is the CURSE to deal with.

    Intrestin analogy – recently Shri Sai Baba died – who would be the successor? WISEST decision – ‘Sai baba will continue heading the trust in suxam(micro, his throne will remain empty) way. Why wisest? If u have to deicide who will be the successor, there will be a fite. Let Sai baba be the leader and ALL cherish the fruits. Same with congress. Raaj to Gandhi hi karenge !!!!

    I also remeber there was an ariticle in British new paper at that time stating(sorry, it was more than stating.. it was an insult) sumthing like ” Why asked us to leave !!! Still let us know if u have trouble runnin the country”

  25. amar says:

    Manu Rawat
    One of my best frn Maninder – So living in Chandigarh is a luxury…. wow… livin in noida woud be the super luxury because rates are double here… maybe more… Get me same job in my hometown- Charan dhoo ke piyunga 🙂 Home is nt a luxury my fend…. its a need…. 2 kamre to chahiye mujhe !!! ya jhopad mai rahun !!!!

    No sapce left – SEZ ke liye to jagah hai….. kaise? This is also 1 of the issue I first heard from Ramdev’s mouth…. that land is bought at KODIYON ke DAAM and then sold at HIGH prices(One of the reson I like him.. he raises issues… much before than anyone. Even then he follows others !!!!). And recntly same issue was raised in some newspaper also. Aur kuchh nai ab to yakeen karega – Rahul Gandhi JI ne Greater Noida mai isiliye DRAMA kiya tha.

    Wages of labour – next time jab mai CHD ayun…. teri maid ke ghar jaa kar ayen?(if she agrees). just want to see her LIFESTYLE.

    Cheatin in exams n Police wala – How abt if u knew if u get caut cheating u will not be allowed to sit in REST of the exams… or failed in nt just 1 exam but in whole semester if found guilty?? Or wen u hand over 50-100 rs to police man…. instead of his lineancy…. u get a tite slap? Wen we cheated we were kids(lol…kiddin myself…. k, I was mean…I knew I will escape….I just thought the way A. Raja thought while doing scam, twistin the sytem… takin advantage of loopholes…. though we both have a BIG difference(keep readin)… still I never thout abt it the way I do now)

    On a serious note – No doubt we were wrong. But would we have closed our eyes if sum1 was gettin raped? Yes we cheated…. but we never killed anyone…. even if we had… not with the arrogance that nothin can happen to us…. I called 100 once because the cab driver was drunk…. the policemen answerin the phone was more drunk. A girl got raped few days back in KUK,,,, nothing sigificant happened in investigation(police even siad to her father that – so jao kal subah dekhenge.)…. u kill 1 policeman… police will pick u from hell next day. A. Raja sold out 25% of bujet of the country….. he is JUST CORRUPT !!!!…. corrupt to hum hai jo exam mai xheatin karte hain….. Jo Raja ne kiya use Desh Droh kehte hai….. Gaddari…. Betrayal… Traitor…. u also noe, i also noe…. HUM WOH NAI KAR SAKTE !!!!!!

    Hum BHOOK se nange hain…. woh SHAUK se 🙂

  26. amar says:

    Sagar Kochar
    ‎@Maninder I am just surprised that when ever you come out with an argument you tend to give out the opponents answer…………so you talk about market “demand and supply” and because of this rule, in which you believe so much, the prices are going up as its being followed since the ancient times; it’s here where you are going wrong, its people like you who just say that these things are going on for centuries ! you don’t even think of solving this basic problem of the society and because of which everyone has to face problems (I am not saying that I am doing better but I am still very aware of this problem and as and as I get capable of doing something in life I will attack this situation). My dear friend let me explain to you your simple beloved rule by an example and the actual reason of why because of this rule prices are going up : You see when you have a few rich people and they think something would be profitable to them in the future, what they do is they would buy that thing in abundance, so much so that they would buy it all and leave nothing for others to buy and when people would be dying to get this basic thing they would sell it bit by bit at exorbitant prices and we the common people like fools would work 10 times harder and give out all our life savings to these already rich people just to have that basic amenity of life, this is basically slavery ! (ok if you think this how democracy works then let me just imagine that if i were to get so rich that one day i would be able to afford the entire world, now I would buy the entire planet earth shift all the people of the earth to an island and after 20 years when i see people dying to live on normal land i would sell them their own earth back to them 50 times higher than the original price ! then I would see how calm you would be giving your demand/supply argument). My only concern is the way these people buy everything and leave us with nothing and only to buy the same thing 50 times more expensive ! I am only saying that we should have a change from this ancient system which is creating a barrier between the rich and the poor, these rich people should not be allowed to do such things, there should be a control over their activity, what they are doing is out of pure greed and I think this is a very ugly side of democracy !

  27. amar says:

    Gill Gurmohan For me this Man Rajiv needs to get a life big time…before that he needs to understand some basic economic fundas,fdi’s etc etc…i can beat him point by point,all these arguments of his are baseless…they make no sense to me…He can serve this self cooked story of his to some illiterate ppl…

  28. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh:

    I have to admit this conversation is keeping me up at nights. Good to see people speaking out their minds.

    I also see people are well agreeing to disagree.

    @Manu: I am reading your reasons. To some I agree and to some disagree (suprised..? Ha Ha). I would be happy to have some answers:

    1. Last 64 years serve as a good point to start with. 1947-1991 and thereafter is the biggest classification of this period that I come across. Pre liberalization and post liberalization as we know it. If Manmohan Singh and his team are puppets to the Government, why are they credited with bringing this change ( I wouldnt want to mention their stand on Nuclear treaty with the US as we still wait to see the results).

    2. I would not go to the corrupt doctor but would like to know more about Mr Singhs moral conduct. Corruption cases, swiss bank accounts, murder cases, rape cases, fake degrees, fake surnames, at least fake cases filed by fake people? You know what I mean right. About the currency notes, when I am the Governon of RBI, I follow a mandate, when the PM of the country, I follow another. I still hold my reservations on removing those notes from the market. I just a 500 Euro note yesterday (Rs 33000) in the open market. If they remove the Rs 1000 notes, I know how I will keep all my black money!

    3. I agree to your view points on coalation politics and is it not something we have to learn to live with. Fruits of being the Worlds biggest democracy (and poverty, and illetracy, and corruption etc.). If no, please suggest me the alternate. (without elections more frequent than my birthday)

    4. Yes, developed world is saturated and it is our turn. However, North Korea can be a nice read. They also try to stop money (and people) from flowing out of their country to developed economies.

    5. I dont get scared if World bank peeps into my affairs. Our financial system is robust, transparent and controlled by the Government. World bank plays an advisory role and that is its function.

    6. Yes. Could not have been better said. Manmohan is just our ‘BEST OPTION’ not the ‘IDEAL’. Find/suggest me the ideal, I promise I’ll switch sides in less than a second.

    7. With all due respect to Late Rajiv Dixit, I agree he ignited a good discussion for us but I find it useless to dicuss his credibility, calibre or ambitions.

    8. Yes, education and wisdom are not related terms. I went to Thailand and saw the number of Buddha followers there. Buddha has to be a wise man. However, when I hear terms like Finance minister, World Bank, Economy, Poor countries, Developed countries, I think more of Knowledge and academic excellence and less of wisdom. When my grandfathers heart gave up, we went to an educated Doctor. We could have choosen a wise “vaaid” but we went to the hospital.

    9. Stock markets, compared to any other market (real estate, commodities, foreign exchange, drugs, mafia, politics) are the most regulated (technologically) which makes you aware of such scams. The rest you never figure out. I would like to find if there is any stock market anywhere in the world that has not had a scam accusation. If I read about a plane crash and just decide never to fly again, I might loose on something. No? I like the video.

    10. I agree to the pitiable situation of this poor country. It makes me sad too. Can I have some suggestions ( that are not already being implemented or being thought of by this Government). If yes, send them to me, I will write a mail to everywhere possible to pass on your message. If I really wanted to swim to my destination, I would swim with or against the flow. And getting there. Standing out and complaining wont take you anywhere.

    11. I wouldn’t get into the discussion of your or anybodys salary and the rise in property rates. You don’t discuss country politics and then crib about your household real estate rates. That is a different discussion.

    12. I agree to Supreme courts judgement. Would also like to hear your comments and SUGGESTIONS on it.

    13. Yes. I agree we need such critics and videos. That is why every Government has an Opposition right.

    But some appreciation (even with a lot of criticism) for good work can do justice to the honest people working hard.

  29. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh:


    1. By GDP growth I mean a statistical baromater to find an indication of the direction of our Economy over a period of time.

    How do I connect it?

    Common man: Compulsory Education to the Children of 6-14 years (192 million children) age group, a Fundamental Right. Never done before, needs money as well.

    You: Last I heard, package of 10 Lakhs in a MNC, nice car, honeymoon in Bangkok, splendid wedding. ( No one in my family ever had it)

    Me: I could afford university, owned an iphone, travelled some 10-12 countries before I was 24. I belong to a lower middle class family and was raised by a single mother.

    2. Sensex does not relect growth. It is also a barometer for the state and perception of the economy and the performance and profitabilites of the businesses. The numbers were a response to the comments made by Mr Dixit in 1996 in the video. Just to point out that his wife’s jewellery or his ACC shares, both would give him almost equal returns in that time.

    3. Since Sensex is a calculation of calculation of what Rs 100 invested in top 30 stocks in 1986 would be worth of on any given day. I used simple maths (division) to find the return on the Sensex and equte it to the ACC stock. How will buy it? I dont understand the point in that question.

  30. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh

    @Angad: Hi Angad. Appreciate your participation. This is not the first time I am hearing Marxist comments from the University end. I feel there is a strong anti-capitalist move on in the University. The last time I had that discussion was with some friends in the Economics departments. Very strong stand they had. I would like hear more from you.

  31. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh:

    @Angad: I however share a different opinion about joining the civil services or politics. I guess each of us is crafted for something we do best and that is what we should do. Not everybody is meant (not needed) for Civil services or the Army or Politics. We have our say though. And that is called our Vote.

  32. amar says:

    Amardeep Singh

    I decided to keep a track of this just in case others wish to join or we might decide to come back and raad this in a few weeks, months, years. . . !!

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