Rave party in Chandigarh: Ugly face of Indian Media


It saddens me so much to be writing this article. I got up this morning and like every other morning read the newspaper. Then checked twitter on my cell phone. And eventually logged into my computer to read the news! To my shock and disbelief, the ugly face of Indian Media and their blatant lies has forced me to questions myself if I should continue reading them or completely STOP believing their lies and fake news!


Its about the fake “Rave” party in Chandigarh. I received an invitation for a pool party from a friend. This friend, a foreign national, works for a renowned Beer company that organizes “Pool parties” across India. After their last pool party, at Chandigarh club was a big success, the company decided to organize another last party. The invites were sent out on Facebook and “Lake club” was chosen as the spot.

I reached the party to find my friend upset as the party was a flop due to some reasons. I further found out, that the organizers has booked the pool with the manager at Lake Club but were refused entry into the pool at the last moment as they had not spoken to the top manger but a lower manager (Today’s news paper talks about internal rift between the lake club management). With around 250 people at the party, there was No electricity, hence, No music and bouncers preventing anyone from getting into the pool. With heavy rain, the party was a flop!


The organizers were able to organize a generator only after 6:30PM allowing the DJ’s to play some music. The people were finally allowed to enter the pool at 7PM and the police removed everybody from there before 7:30PM. With a sour taste in their mouths, the party seekers finally started to leave and the party was over.

It was an open air party and there were no drugs and definitely no “open sex” as reported by one of the news channels.

The media and police, tipped off by the inefficient management of the Lake club or an angry party attendee, blew the whole episode our of proportion bringing a bad name to the City and its people.

Read the various news articles to find out that they have shamelessly copied the same text and not even bothered to change the language, forget about verifying the facts.

SHAME ON INDIAN MEDIA! I am sure not one of them is ethical enough to stand up and accept their wrong doings.




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