Thapar University – My Heavenly Hell


If you took out time to spare a glance to this article then you either are a student of Thapar University who is tensed about the placement and the companies that visit Thapar or someone who has just given his competition and couldn’t crack IIT-JEE. For the former one this article won’t give you a list of companies because every company visit almost every college and the great ones usually return empty handed. I can only salute you for you are “going through” or you already have passed from The Thapar University. For the former ones, I sympathise with you because even I thought that once I am over with the competitions my life would be free from all the bondages of studies and books. Seriously guys, if you opt for Thapar you will have to study. And if you do not then your conscious will kill you with the guilt that your parents are spending so much (so much is an understatement) on you and you are not even studying!

Fortunately for us, Thapar University has a good reputation “outside” its campus. So, you really can consider coming here if you are financially sound and if you can get up at 8 in the morning even during winters! Yes, we are not in school any more but we still have to get up at 7 and instead of what we were taught- “Take God’s name when you get up”; we start our day by shouting every damn abuse at the ringing alarm screaming right beside our ears! But its ok isn’t it? After all we have to complete our 75% criteria of attendance in every subject. You know, you cannot break rules in Thapar. They have a simple way of making you do the things they want you to do- Fine. You sit on the pavement- 100 rupees, you enter late in the hostel- 500 rupees (for girls), your face is covered with colours on our auspicious festival of holi- 500 rupees and you pay 200 rupees if you want to attend your own college fest!

I’m sorry to astound all those going-to-be engineers who are considering taking admission in Thapar. No, I am not a wretched, frustrated and cringed college student who wants to scowl out all the animosity piled up in her mind.

You know every student’s idiosyncrasy to give u a bag of frailties about his own college. But what students enjoy the most is breaking college rules and cleverly escaping the punishments, by feeling proud that they just marked a proxy of his friend, by drawing graffiti on that broken wall of the college building which we and all the staid teachers pass by every day and think that how can we work in such a college which has broken walls, by enjoying the fest where one the most famous singer performs on stage and we feel proud that we could afford calling the singer here because of our contribution, by being irked by the rules which want the girls to enter the hostel by 8:00 pm but silently feeling safe in the dark.

Thapar University comes in the list of the best Universities of India. It is not IIT but that doesn’t mean that the students who are studying here are dunce. What if you couldn’t crack JEE? You still will work in the same company, you still will study from the same books and you still will detest your college the same way; The denouements are all the same so you do not have to covet. After sometime when you will look back you will realize that your life was designed the best way.

We make life perfect by enjoying the imperfect moments.



5 Responses to “Thapar University – My Heavenly Hell”

  1. Suresh says:

    Hahahaha!! Subtle in every way and you just hit the deck in about 400 words. Quality writing this is!! Expressing your thoughts your have quite aptly generalized it…..keep up the good work.

  2. Prabhdeep says:

    Truly a heavenly hell….
    Nicely written…. Most of the aspects of college covered

    Especially liked the finishing quote.
    Good Work!

  3. pragya says:

    Hey… thank you everyone for your comments..

  4. Vineet says:

    Now That’s a Nice Sneak-peek into the Life At Thapar!

  5. Pranjalpathak07 says:

    Pragya di, i’m an aspirant planning to join thapar……
    Want to talk you a bit, can you please mail me at or give me your mail id. Thats really important for me. I promise i won’t take much of your time!

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