The law that pronounces death


There is no way you can escape this question. If you are able and privileged enough to be literate, you ought to rack your minds and search within the hollows of your so called existence, to search for an answer to the matter of life, or more so the law that pronounces death.

The Bible, known to be the guide to the path we are destined to follow has prescribed death for murder. For a person who has loved and lost, and knows who has brought him at the altar of suffering; it is completely natural to dwell in pain that refuses to fade away. It is as if a dagger has been put through not only his body but his very existence. Close your eyes for two seconds. Remove all the anxieties of your life and think of the person you love the most. Now imagine him crying and shrieking for help, smouldering in a pain that he does not deserve and try to see a

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person who is inflicting all the suffering. If brought face to face with the person who snatched your beloved’s life, what would you do?

It is natural for you to feel the rage that even blood would fail to quell. Tearing apart his flesh and skimming every bone out of its sockets would seem insufficient, isn’t it? But what comes next? Does any of your directed hatred bring back the one you loved? In a country whose laws pronounce capital punishment, have you ever wondered what is more important; the realisation of the culprit of the hideous crime he has indulged in or the snatching away of his life so that he does not even get a chance to repent. Many of us might argue, that a criminal who murders people in cold blood has no soul left to redeem, but just because you have been wronged, it does not give you any right to decide if the almighty is justified in granting him more breaths than he deserves.

Your beloved’s murderer did not hatch the conspiracy of his hideous crime from the minute he opened his eyes to this world. He too was born as innocent as the more privileged ones. Nobody plans on being the bad guy. No one has ever wished to bathe in the blood of gullible victims. Perhaps, we have somehow poisoned their minds and forced them to take to ways that we do not approve of. Then what makes them incapable of a chance to relive their life. Perhaps our inability to accept and move on our loss is thrust

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upon the culprits and we want them to live the pain they chose to put others through. But isn’t this heights of obnoxious double standards on our part? If we spare a minute of introspection, we would realise that we have not always done the right thing. All of us have at some time or the other wronged someone, are these culprits children of a lesser god? We, the supposed superior beings are entitled to all sorts of forgiveness, but our partners in existence ought to be butchered for the sin they have committed. After all, who is God to decide the fate of a murderer, when our laws pronounce a capital punishment for his diabolic deeds? Where was God when my dear one was being snatched of his breath? Perhaps, God chose to be silent, weeping, because He knew that when it comes to matters of life and death, His children had outgrown Him. Justice delayed is justice denied! So rip off the assassins head before God decides to give him a second chance. And if that does not quench your thirst and rancour, put to rest his wife and children and his entire clan, so that God does not have to face their innocent lachrymose eyes full of faith in His ways.



5 Responses to “The law that pronounces death”

  1. captain says:

    one of the many reasons to support death penalty is saving other people’s lives….
    it has nothing to do with the revenge

  2. ravleen says:

    you can never be sure that the person awaiting his death sentence would claim another thousand lives if set free. it is equally possible that he/she might repent his actions. every case is different and any attempt to generalize the situation could prove fatal.

  3. Chhabra says:

    There is one aspect, which if you hadnt discussed here, the article would have been incomplete. Very few people touch upon how criminals are ‘created’. The society, at large, focuses on the punishment for the criminal. What the system never looks at is how the criminal was created. We all are products of our society. And if even one human deviates from the path of righteousness, he alone shall not take the blame. A criminal’s personality is moulded by the circumstances around him.

    Now, the punishment part. There are two elements of any crime : the guilty mind and the act itself. A pre-planned murder is an act of the guilty mind. The criminal had a choice. Second is the act. A heinous act deserves a much more stringent punishment.

    The question is how harsh should the punishment should be. Does the criminal deserve death for his act? I do not advocate capital punishment. Not becuase we dont have the right to take away someone else’s life just becuase he took the life of our beloved one. But becuase it does not give the criminal pain, it gives his loved ones pain. It does not make the criminal lament. It doesnt make the criminal regret his act. If there a ‘guilty mind’, then make it suffer. If the act is cruel and intentional, rather than incidental, a harsher punishment should await the criminal. He should feel more pain than those seeking justice for the loss of their relative feel.

  4. pragya says:

    @chhabra: *salute* u made a new article 😀

    @ravleen: you have touched upon a very sensitive and argumentative topic. you have written for as well as against capital punishment. what i would like to know from you and from the pondering minds is that should there be capital punishment or not. keep aside the conditions in which it should be given. i ask if capital punishment must exist or not. simple yes or no.

  5. ravleen says:

    @chhabra: hatts off sir!! thank you for putting in the missing dots
    @pragya: i am against capital punishment!

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