The Mayan prophecy of 2012


Now, that we are nearing the much talked of date of December 21, 2012, it is almost like sitting at the edge of a ticking time bomb, isn’t it? As the end of the 26000 year Precession of the cycle of Equinoxes is almost round the corner, what does it actually mean? Does this indeed mean that some form of supernatural calamity would strike our planet and wipe off all traces of visible life from the surface of Earth? To be precise, according to the calendar and almanacs followed by the Maya civilisation, the Solstice on December 21, 2012, at 11:11 AM

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Universal Time, the 5125 year Great Cycle of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar comes to completion. But what this completion would mean for humanity is a question that stands unanswered.

While many attribute it to a series of rare astronomical events that would take place at the allegedly eventful day, the rest claim their stakes at the supernatural striking for revenge. A section of people also believe that the world is heading to an end and the irony lies in the fact that it is itself responsible

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for the catastrophe as designs of calamity are of its own creation.

What we all forget in all this hue and cry is that the Mayan calendar is a circular one. It states an end of a cycle and not an era. If the cycle enters completion, it could also be interpreted as a revival, as resurgence, or a transition into a time that spells change. The word change could hold the key to the much debatable future. It could be for both, the better or the worse. And here is the point we all step in. Our actions would be the milestones that mark the new age we step into. What we can do is to make sure that in case the world survives through the deadline laid down by Mayan calendar, it must be a place worth living, a world free from humanity at war with itself. And that is something we could achieve. Who knows if 2012 would be the end of all life forms, for that matter who knows if there would even be a tomorrow? So why not dispel all fears and live the blessing of life. More than the fear of the unknown, we must work to eradicate the possibility of a planet striving to banish life, be it by means of nuclear wars or even hatred and animosity.


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