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While preparing for my travel, I read on one of the blogs that if you are a lone traveller to Bangkok, there is no better place than Khao San Road. There is nothing but absolute truth in every word said above. After having booked a hotel online and reaching the place without much trouble, I was politely stuffed into my small but confortable room. A walk down the stairs to grab a bottle of water and you find out what makes Khao San road different from the rest of Bangkok. There are foreigners from all countries and most of backpackers have made this their permanent crashing place. Could not have found a better place to settle down.


I started my day with a walk down the street trying to get comfortable with the place. The bar and eating joints on the street are a lot more lively and attractive at night but still descent during the day. I started off with a blunder paying a €50 note, mistaking it for the Thai bath. No matter I never saw the juice vendor again. The food on the streets looks attractive but smells bad as hell. I tried digging myself into the traditional pad thai, or the traditional thai chowmein but not something I would really like to suggest. Found it better to stick to fruits, KFC and sandwiches from 7-Eleven just across the street.


I had read the tuk tuks would usually scam you into free trips so decided to try getting scammed myself. I allowed a tuk tuk to offer me a 5 Baht trip across the area and soon figured out how bad an idea it way. Every store or agency he stopped at had set him a commission if they made a sale and it was hard to convince him to take me back to the street. The evening was well spent in the hotel restaurant with live band free Wi-Fii Internet connectivity. Bangkok keeps getting interesting the more you get to see the city. It was extremely humid which forced me to make several visits to my hotel room and take frequent showers. The lively evening had to be finished off with something typical about Thailand so I made a quick short visit to the famous Soi Cowboy locality. It is also a short stretch of road with famous go go bars and girls trying to attract customers.


Taxi is a comfortable and inexpensive mode of transport with the only problem being finding a taxi driver who can talk to you in English. If they could, I would have told you a lot more about Bangkok. Most of the time in the taxi is spent looking at the shops and establishments on either side of the streets and the tall fancy buildings across the city. It is amazing to find out how a place that gets up and running as early as 7 in the morning stays lively until 2 in the night. I guess this is what has earned Khao San road name and fame across the world.


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