What am I so lazy? Not your fault…read on

Why am I zoo lazy?

We all go through times when we feel lazy and not wanting to do anything. Read why?

We all have been in situations where extreme weathers (too hot or too cold) just render you useless and not able to concentrate on anything. We end up being lethargic, much less productive and in most situations being criticized begin people around.
Well, it is time you understand the impact the temperatures around can have on you and your productivity. Published researched has brought out the fact that extreme temperatures have an adverse impact on your productivity. Research and tests have come to the conclusion that temperatures between 21 and 25 degrees calcium prove to be the most suitable temperatures for optimal productivity. The best outputs were claimed to be seen at 25 degrees Celsius.


Advanced nations like Germany have workplace regulations which make it compulsory for employers to provide their employees with these optimal temperatures at work places (thereby making them more productive). There are no such regulations in force in the US, but the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration does make recommendations of the same.


Fun fact: In Germany, students and teachers are not supposed to run classes if the temperatures inside the room rise higher that 28 degrees Celsius as the students would not be able concentrate and learn at higher temperatures.



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