Tsunami! Averting the disaster


Tsunami is a word that has come to be the most dreaded of all possible words which ever found their place in the dictionary. The frenzy that even a mention of this word creates is justified in the wake of the

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innumerable lives it has claimed so far. Nature has ways to savage the world in a fire no human can even attempt to tame. True, that once Mother Nature strikes to claim its revenge, it is almost next to impossible to restore things into a proper balance in time but that does not imply that we ought to turn mute spectators and watch the waters gulping down all our near and dear ones in its a ravaging thirst.

Technology has been put in place to sound the alarm bells in case of an approaching tragedy. Out of all possible gadgets available today, SWASH seems the most promising. SWASH stands for simulating waves until at shore and is a model which is adept at calculating the height of a wave, its speed and the amount of energy it holds. It has been developed by SWAN (simulating waves near shore) and is not an invention of the recent times. This technology dates back to 1993. But the question that arises is that if this software has been around, why it could not trigger a warning before the killer waves struck Japanese shores. The reason behind this is that the site of occurrence of the quake was too close to the coast, approximately 130 kilometres and it moved at an extremely high velocity sparing no possible route of detection. But that does not rule out this technology to be obsolete and useless as it could serve to save thousands of lives in case nature decides to strike again.

Another recent technological advancement in this field is that of a tool which picks up

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multiple seismographic signals from various locations and compares them with associated features of tsunami causing earthquakes which have already occurred in the past. So appropriate calculations are made which help to estimate the rate of probable advancing of the killer waves and gauging the undersea attributes triggering them.

Another system called the RTerg has proved useful in the past to predict the Sumatran earthquake as a rare and destructive tsunami earthquake. Although research is on to make the system even more effective, but it is a potential weapon to minimize the number of victims that lose their life to this calamity.

True, that you can run, but not hide, but its also true that you could run before the starving waters gulp you, and this is where technology makes a difference.


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