The very mention of the word is enough to let loose all our creativity as random thoughts of diabolic looking ladies flying around on brooms begin to emerge in our minds. Perhaps, from the very childhood, we have been reared to believe that witches are nefarious creatures which do well to bad people and indulge in weird rituals like making offerings to a steaming mixture containing some unfathomable potion. But much of it can be attributed to the insane cartoons which put such perceptions into the mind of children when they hardly recognise the difference between evil and the noble.

Most of the opinion we hold towards this sensitive topic is biased and without reason as those who understand the meaning of the word and its customs, seldom find anything objectionable about it. Most of us do not know that witchcraft

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is in fact a spiritual system that encourages individuals to think freely and to learn about the different faces of nature. It is a belief system which treats every living form to be divine in nature. Wicca, as it is commonly known is a Neopagan or a Earth centred religion. Contrary to the ancient belief, a witch is not another name for evil, but ancient and positive. They celebrate distinct days of the cycle of nature as holy days and their religion forbids them from harming people and themselves, although it does make provisions for self defence.

Many of us hold them guilty of casting spells for bringing harm upon others. This is a myth that puts shame upon their existence as all the spells they cast are for healing, wisdom, creativity, love and harmony. So stop accusing the members of this religion for inciting the evil and bringing misfortune upon the innocent. Stop blaming them of practises like sacrificing animals or humans as their religion forbids them to inflict harm to anyone. Witches do not steal the life of the gullible humans to enhance their power; they evoke the forces of nature to draw positive energy within them. They have a strong

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faith in the three fold law, that states whatever one does, will someday be returned to him three fold. So no witch would ever try to spread negativity of any kind. So stop eyeing them with suspicious eyes and let them practise their own beliefs. If they have not asked you to convert to their faith, you have no right to curb their practises as well. Respect them as they respect you.

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